21-Day Writing Challenge Day 21 – Last Day!

Last day of my 21-Day Writing Challenge!

I have to admit, I didn’t think I was actually going to make it to the end without having missed a day or two. But I did it. I made it my priority every single day and it worked.

Not all the posts are great or even interesting, but it doesn’t really matter. I’ve challenged myself to write something every day for 21 days, and I succeeded.

It may not sound like that big of a feat, but after about one year without writing much, this is very significant for me. Knowing that I also have a very big tendency to give up and not complete things when it gets tough, this achievement holds two remarkable wins.

I’m quite proud of this, and I think I might now be ready to start writing again more regularly. In the last year I’ve lived in Dubai and visited a few countries (Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Tonga, and New Zealand) and now I’m heading off to Lisbon in Portugal for about a week. I feel a lot more confident now that I have things to say about my experiences in those destinations as well as other challenges I’ve gone through in the last year.

I still feel very self-conscious when I publish anything, but since the only way to get past that is to do it, write and publish articles, I’ll keep pushing myself. Enlarging that comfort zone ever so slightly.

In the same way that I am a lot more confident as a traveler, because of my years of experience, I’ll eventually get more confident as a writer too. Hopefully anyway!

The more we do things, the better we become at them. It’s the same for every aspect of life. The more you cook the better you become. One day you might even have the confidence to make things without having to rely on any recipes, but simply following your gut. And your past experiences of what flavors go well together and which ones to avoid.

We do not all commence our personal journeys off at the same starting point, but we can all improve if we get our mind to it and spend the time. We chose how we spend our days, and while it’s a lot easier to pretend we do not have a say in the matter, choosing to write, read or learn a second language instead of watching one episode every night means that eventually, you’ll have hours of practice in that subject.

┬áIt doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be able to see improvement at some point. Consistency is key. Yet it’s so easy to forget and give up sometimes!

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