21-Day Writing Challenge Day 20 – In the Moment

It’s good to remind ourselves to stop and breathe. Take it all in. Fully enjoy the moment.

It doesn’t actually matter what the moment is.

Maybe you are at the supermarket, waiting in line to pay for your dinner.

Maybe you are bored at home waiting and hoping for someone to call or message you.

Maybe you are walking in the old part of your city, on an almost warm (not unbearably freezing) winter day with your mom on the day before your next adventure.

Whatever it is, being in the moment and taking a break to notice what is going is key to making you feel better. Unless you are in a really shitty situation. But in the situations listed above, you could be in a place where you are surrounded with options of what to eat. The abundance is all around you.

If you are bored at home. Well, you’ve got a home, you are warm and dry. You probably even have furniture you like. Maybe even photos of said friends. You are comfortable. And you finally have an opportunity to relax and do something you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s yoga, reading, listening to music, or simply staring out of the window and watching life and people go past.

And if you are lucky enough to be spending time with someone you love, the best thing you can do is be aware it’s happening and take it all in. Being in the moment, creating memories that will last forever.

Today was such a day. I had a few moments where I remembered to stop and be aware. I was living something great. It was very simple, a walk in a neighborhood I love, with my mom. Sharing our thoughts and what we were seeing. Simply being fully there, in the moment.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to have that moment. But even in less pleasant moments, it’s good to be aware.

I was waiting in line at the pharmacy yesterday. The little lady before me was taking a very long time. I only had to pick a prescription up, which took seconds to prepare. I could have gotten annoyed. Actually, that’s what had started to happen, when I remembered that I was thankfully in very good health.

I have no massive problems requiring extensive care. I had time, I was actually in no rush since I was going back home. So instead of getting agitated, seeing the situation for what it was made me see that one day it’ll be me. I’ll most likely be lonely at home, and some of my only human interactions will be with clerks. I’ll be slower at finding things in my bag. And I might have to take many pills which can interact with each other.

Being present led me to be thankful. I did make it home a lot later than I thought, but even on my walk in the beginning of a snowstorm with very strong winds, I felt good. I was present. I enjoyed the very strong gust of wind that literally pushed me in the street. I noticed the cold air and the humidity getting through my clothes. I was going home. And I knew that minutes later I would be warm.

It changed my entire attitude. Everything is temporary. The same way that waiting on people is. Or being cold and bored.

I ended up walking home being happy to be me. I was enjoying a true Canadian winter. I’m in good health. I’m still young-ish.

I’m lucky.

I might as well enjoy it and make the most of every single moment!

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